This section deals with issues around nuisance barking and possible solutions to the problem.  This has been the most contentious area of public debate so far and it is vital to find workable solutions, both for those who are willing to do some work with their dogs and for those who aren’t. 

A Commmunity Barking Protocol

Since barking has been the most emotive issue around the bylaw so far, one of the things we will be attempting to develop is a barking protocol which communities can adopt.  Dogs do not necessarily understand suburbia or human manners, and a willingness to ‘think  dog’ a bit is vital for successful control of nuisance barking, whether you are a dog lover or not! 

Topics will include:

  • reasons for barking,  including boredom and separation distress
  • teaching ‘quiet’
  • how to make your neighbour’s dog worse 
  • implications of dogs being a crepuscular species (most active at dawn and dusk)
  • anti-barking devices (a contentious topic)
  • surgical de-barking (an even more contentious topic!)

…and many others.

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