Busy Bees

The site is rather quiet at the moment.  That’s because I’m not currently practising as I’m involved in two big projects in addition to work of the rent-paying variety.  I’m very excited about them, but should have posted something here ages ago to account for the silence!


Burning Blue

This is a charity fundraising project based on my late father’s RAF log books and his collection of flying stories, some of which are on the web.  It’s something I decided to take a couple of years out from my other projects to do, is timed to complete round about the same time as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and at the moment is taking up every bit of spare energy I have.


This is a rural social network project which a friend and I have started, both as a business and as a way of accumulating a knowledgebase of articles and tips about country living – everything from making jam to shoeing your own horse, we hope!  The social functionality is due to launch in the second half of 2012.

What’s happening to the Dog Zone?

At the moment very little, but that will change if everything goes according to plan.  gamadoelas.net will have several special interest groups and we hope the Dog Zone will end up being one of the busier ones, as well as extending the article collection and educational material on the site.  (And if you’re a registered Dog Zone member, you’ll get an invitation to join gamadoelas automatically when it goes live.)

What does that mean? 

You are still welcome to submit questions and problems.  I won’t be able to answer in as much detail as usual, but will try to give you a few tips, and if you are really in need of help, I will try to point you in the direction of a SABCAP member in your area.



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