Welcome to the Dog Zone

Welcome to the Dog Zone, the site for dogs and their people. The Dog Zone is a dog behaviour and training consultancy based near Cape Town in South Africa.  We focus on helping owners solve dog behaviour problems, do some dog training (on a workshop basis with limited numbers), and put a lot of effort into developing this site as an educational resource based on the science of animal behaviour.  At Dog Zone, we endeavour to stay abreast of the latest developments in dog behaviour and to ensure that that information is presented to you in a simple and easy-to-apply way, so that working with your dog’s behavioural peculiarities becomes fun!


We cover a lot of the branch of psychology known as Learning Theory (which includes Behaviourism, i.e. classical and operant conditioning, which has been popularised as clicker training), but also look at ethology, neurology and behavioural genetics.  The site is intended to be a resource for owners who want to educate themselves or find help with specific problems, and we also have a professional section in the works, where dog behaviour pros can meet and exchange ideas and knowledge.

It’s the sort of site that will never be finished, because every dog is different and we discover new knowledge in the field every day, but we’d like to add sections on nutrition, breeding, protection work and various other training disciplines, and also some extensive case histories.

And some stuff will be just for fun – we all need a little light relief now and then!

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