In Progress Items

For various technical reasons, the easiest way for me to write new articles is online, using the content management system’s editor (and thanks to high speed mobile broadband, it’s cheap and easy to do this!).

Once I get past a certain stage, I publish the article in progress so that I can see how it is formatting and how readable it is by using the site front end.  I indicate articles that I am still working on by starting them with the phrase (In Progress), including the brackets.

This means that if you find an article which starts like this, please don’t write to me to tell me that it doesn’t make sense, looks peculiar, has empty pages or peters out in the middle of nowhere.  I already know.

However, as I’m more than capable of starting seventeen articles and finishing two, I’ve made a rule for myself that says I’m not allowed to have more than one In Progress item on the site at any one time, so if you find two or more, feel free to send me a note and rap me over the knuckles.

I’ve also made myself a rule that says I can’t leave an In Progress item untouched for more than three days.  I either have to continue working on it or take it off the site for the time being.  So if you see something In Progress that looks as though it’s gathering dust, feel free to rap me over the knuckles for that, too!

All this is positive punishment, of course.  Alternatively, you could send me a rave email to tell me how fabulous the article is when I finish it and take the (In Progress) marker off.  The rate of reinforcement might be a bit low, though :P

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