Boredom bites

No training today – Mother-person is doing something to the website and has been glued to the laptop all day. I’m bored!

Well, there’s lots for me to do. Pulling books off the bookshelf is great fun and chewing them is even better! I’ve gotten hold of a thick animal behaviour textbook. It’s fascinating stuff – something I can really get my teeth into. And she’s concentrating so hard she hasn’t even noticed!

Then there’s the wicker dressing table drawer. Great stuff, wicker! You can shred it, tear it, gnaw on it and yank on hard enough to open the drawer – and there are all kinds of goodies inside.

And when I get tired of that, there are loads of plants in the garden for me to chew, dig up and generally mutilate.

Maybe tomorrow she’ll let me train her some more!

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