A Brief History of Dog Training

Our aim is simple: through teaching you a modern behavioural approach to resolving your dog’s problems, we hope to help you improve your dog’s behaviour in a way which you find rewarding and enjoyable, and thus to enhance your relationship with your dog.

Dog ownership is therapeutic. People with pets live longer, suffer from fewer diseases and have better recovery rates from illness than people who don’t have pets. Interaction with an animal lowers your physiological and psychological stress levels in ways which can be measured directly (heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, galvanic skin response etc). Animal therapy, the use of animals to help people deal with problems, is a growing field.

That may seem like a contradiction, though, to someone who has a dog which is difficult to manage, badly behaved and which contributes to stress rather than reducing it; but we believe that the process of learning to manage and relate to a dog like that is therapeutic in itself. I’m one of the many people who got into the field of canine behaviour through owning and having to deal with a difficult dog myself, and I learned an immense amount from watching my dog slowly blossom as I changed the ways I interacted with him. It took discipline and patience on my part, but it was deeply rewarding.

We approach the task of helping you help your dog in a variety of ways. First, we provide up-to-date species-specific information so you can understand what is normal behaviour for your dog and what isn’t.

Secondly, we teach clicker training as the preferred approach for doing obedience with your dog. It’s accurate, it’s scientific and it’s fun for both of you. There’s increasing evidence that just switching a dog from conventional training to clicker training has significant behavioural benefits in that the dog becomes calmer, less anxious and more confident.

Thirdly, we provide a method for analysing and changing problem behaviour called the 5M system. The 5 Ms are:

  • Manage your dog,
  • Mind your dog’s business,
  • Meet the Need,
  • Modify the behaviour, and, if necessary,
  • Medicate

You’ll find detailed information on all of these in our ebook (due out soon).

To back this up, we have a growing collection of resources on the site itself. You will soon be able to purchase our ebook here, or you can play the shaping game (which will give you an insight into how it feels for a dog to be clicker trained!) You can also go through the clicker training primer, which will teach you the basic techniques of clicker training.

We have a growing library of articles, some of which go into the theory of operant and classical conditioning in more depth while others deal with specific topics in canine behaviour.

We also have training blogs and case studies for you to watch work in progress.

We have lots of plans for the future…

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