Doggy Zen

My mother-person is very disorganised about training – she’s shaped my dad’s bark to be a big deep woof! but he doesn’t know about coming when he’s called! So I suggested that we should work through Shirley Chong’s Clicker Cookbook, which covers the basics really well – Shirley is a fantastic trainer and my mother-person has always said that she learned more from being on Shirley’s list than from anything else. And mother-person needs the structured approach :)

She’s doing the cookbook with my mum and dad as well, so they can learn the basics too!

We started with Doggy Zen and I got offered a hand containing a really yummy, smelly treat. I licked it all over and tried to get mother-person to open her hand – I was really excited – but she wouldn’t. Then I turned my head away for a moment and she clicked! Bingo! If I don’t touch the hand, I can make her click.

Well after that it was as easy as falling off a log – all I had to do was sit still!

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